I am slowly moving away from public / free services and back onto my own servers. About a week ago I installed ownCloud at home, and now instead of 5 GB of Dropbox space I have 240 GB of ownCloud space, and I can easily increase that anytime I want.

If you don’t happen to run your own servers this might not make any sense, but I do, and so far it does make sense to me.

I get space limited only by my hard drive capacity, and I feel I have more privacy.

The more I use it, the more I like it. Since I move around a lot, my Mac always has copies of the projects I am working on. My desktop at home now keeps a local copy of the same projects.  I can create a folder for GIS data and sync it up between the home server, desktop, and laptop, so I no longer actually need a high speed server to deliver data across a 1G network at home. Now I can go back to running a smaller home server that uses less energy; it can spin down its hard drives nearly all the time, and I will never see that lag when they spin up to accept ownCloud updates.

The only downside so far is that my O’Reilly account is linked to Dropbox. I am thinking that I will set up an ownCloud server to be a Dropbox client, and it will serve that directory space to my ownCloud clients. This should make it transparent to my clients without duplicating any files.