GIS on a Mac

I am between houses now and I miss my nice file server Dart and my nice desktop Laysan because they are in storage, so I want to work more with GIS on my laptop, a MacBookPro (Stellar).

The best set of instructions I have found for setting up the open source GIS tools I know and love on my Mac is here:   Installing Open Source Geo Software: Mac Edition These instructions are pretty complete and worked well for me on Mavericks.

I found I had to install pillow to satisfy the requirement in tilestache for PIL.

sudo pip install pillow

It took several hours to install Mapnik; skip that step if you don’t plan to use it.

In the past I used stackbuilder to install postgresql and postgis on my Mac. I removed that version and install with brew; what could be easier than

brew install postgresql

brew install postgis

I had to hack around a bit to get postgres set up. I created /usr/local/var/postgres/9.2/main by adding “export PGDATA=/usr/local/var/postgres/9.2/main” to my .bashrc and then running initdb. I had to do the command “createdb” to get my user created so that “psql -h localhost” would let me connect to the server.