Signal 2017

I just got back from Signal 2017, the Twilio conference. First off,  you will probably ask “What’s Twilio?”;  I get that a lot.

Twilio provides an ever expanding range of telecomm services – phone numbers, SIP phone connections, SMS, video, notifications, chat and so on. They have a developer focus, so if you just want a landline for your house, you don’t want to come here unless you are a total geek*.

I became interested in Twilio when I was designing the “Vastra” phone system, I started using their Elastic SIP trunking service.

Then I found out about their non-profit grants and got one for Geo-CEG. Now Geo-CEG has a public number and a simple IVR (“Press 1 for Brian, ” etc) at no cost to us. I am currently cooking up a project with the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation to help them with outreach. No idea what it will be yet. Maybe something cool, maybe nothing at all!

Anyway, back to Signal; two talks stood out for me personally. They were Lucky by Saron Yitbarek and  At-Home Batphone by Lauren Leto. (Follow the links to watch them.)

A lot of what Saron said in “Lucky” resonated with me, sometimes I feel sorry for myself because of some insignificant set back and have to push back and say “hey, your whole life has been one long pleasure cruise!” I do lots of volunteer work to give back, in my own way, and to support things I believe in.

Regarding Lauren’s “At-Home…”,  tech is fun, but it’s causing people to draw themselves into what I see more and more as a destructive mindspace. She seems to be realizing this, and has a goal of helping people manage the information overload. I need to find out more about Listen and specifics about what she is trying to do.

In the meantime I am doing what I always do. Trying to find a path to enlightenment and trying to solve problems with tech even though I know it is not a long term fix for anything. We need a shift in consciousness.

 * Did I mention my landline for my house is a Twilio SIP trunk running into one of the 4 existing Vastra phone systems?