CartoDB test

I am testing various web-based mapping services now. Today I am testing CartoDB.

Using CartoDB at the free level I uploaded my datasets and created a map. I published it. I found a few bugs along the way.

The biggest problem I have seen so far in all the tests is that none of the services let me zoom in to a parcel level scale. Look at my test maps and you will see what I mean. For this map to be useful, I need to be able to see the irrigation valves and the zones.

One of my polygon layers did not display, saying it has a SQL error.  I had changed the name in “metadata” and apparently that change not just metadata but also the name of the table.

The short link is Willow Court map

I don’t know how to embed an iframe in my wordpress site so I stuck it here to test it in my Wiki. Wildsong Wiki CartoDB page