Farebot and CyanogenMod and no Google

I just installed CyanogenMod CM12 on my Nexus 7 GSM (aka “Tilapia”), and it works now. Last time I tried (around December), the launcher would only run about 30 seconds. Crash restart crash restart. This made the device very hard to use. 🙂

So a month or so ago Google released Lollypop for the Tilapia and I tested it. Two problems. (1) SLOW SLOW SLOW (2) Battery life is GONE.

To be fair, battery life might have to do with running a SIP phone program all the time. But it’s still too slow.

So last night I installed CM12 again, it works, and it’s snappy!

I am now in the process of installing apps WITHOUT Google Apps. This means no Play Store. I am 58 so I don’t want to go to the “Play Store” anyway. I go to F-Droid now instead.

The App of the Day is “FareBot”. It lets me read the data on my Clipper card (used for public transit in SF Bay Area, including buses and BART), and the really cool and creepy part – the card has a log of all the trips I have taken. Date, time, and fare paid.

Farebot Log
Farebot Log

I keep more detailed notes on my Nexus 7 here: Nexus 7